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விரால் மீன் /Murrel -Whole Fillet-(Net Wt: 500 gm)

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Rs. 790.00
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Rs. 790.00
விரால் மீன் /Murrel -Whole Fillet-(Net Wt: 500 gm)
விரால் மீன் /Murrel -Whole Fillet-(Net Wt: 500 gm)

Rs. 790.00

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Net Wt.: 500-510 gms -வெட்டி,கழுவி,சுத்தம் செய்ததற்குப்பின் எடை / Weight after Cut, Clean & Wash.

Pcs in a Pack:  2-3 Pcs          Plates served: 3-4

Whole Fish Weight: Approx 650 gms - 1.2 Kg

Type of Water in Farming: Fresh Water Fish - Farm Grown

Pickup & Home Delivery on all days except Monday

Delivery Timing 

Product Description:

Farm Grown, Murrel / Varaal / Biraal / Korameenu-Snakehead fish are Hygienically processed (Cut, Cleaned, RO washed & Vacuum Packed as WHOLE FILLET WITHOUT BONES at 0-4 °C to avoid decay due to Microbial Reproduction).

 Products are Ready to Cook. Snakehead fish flesh is firm and can hold up well unlike other flakier fish. Snakehead fish is not only healthy food but is often used as medicine to treat diseases.

Natural Fresh Lean Protein: 21 %

Health Benefits:

  1. Snakehead fish contains a high content of essential amino acids and a good amount of fatty acids which can directly improve tissue growth, and wound healing, and supplement nutrients such as food supplements and pharmaceuticals.
  2. Women after vaginal birth or cesarean section and patients recovering from surgery are often advised to eat meals with snakehead fish.
  3. Freshwater snakehead fish helps in post-surgical wound healing and reduces pain and inflammation.

Best way to Cook: Bake, Grill, Curry

Get delivered at your doorstep.
Pay On Delivery Available.
Get fresh & Safe with a 100% Traceable Food Chain.

Grown in Safe Farms
• No Wet Waste used to Feed Fish
• No Hormones / No Pesticides / No Heavy Metals / No Additives

Cold Chain (0 – 4 Deg) from Harvest to Kitchen

Hygienic processing unit

Excellent in Taste & Rich Flavour

Best for Curry, Fry, Bake, Biryani, Tandoor & Barbecue

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Washed in R.O

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Real Reviews from Real People

Dr.Annamalai Jawahar

Excellent from every angle

Kolangi Nathan

The store to get the lean protein without loosing a bit of its nutritional value. Insulated and safe way of transfer of protein from animal body to human. Must try store

Prakash Menon

Thanks for providing excellent fish without formaline !!! Appreciated for excellent service with affordable price!!!!

Shaariq Awr

Great service and good product. Very reliable and hygienic process unit.

Udhay Subburaj

Highly recommended if you want to have a portion of fish meat with Lean proteins. The fishes are aquacultured in a hygienic way and distributed without preservatives. Vridhi's job is with a great motive connected to the wellness of its consumers and I wish her to prosper in years to come💪👍


Very detailed oriented Tech explanations by experienced officials here, its professional and they are the idea hub. Keep rocking and do serve the society! Way to go..

Nandakumar Parthasarathi

Vridhi technically working on the welfare of the public health. We advised by the CEO to try the protein and we did and found a 5* fish in a perfect packing which was so fresh that we never seen a dead one before.

Jai Ramdass

I liked the way the facility is kept. Neat, clean and without any odour. The staff are well trained and seem to know their job responsibilities well. The promoters are committed and hard working. The organisation has all the qualities to turn successful.

Dr.Sunil Chacko Varghese

Great experience ordering from Vridhi Farms, great fresh taste. Was fortunate enough to talk to the founders before trying out their food . Home grown fishes without any harmful means to nuture these fishes, transported and delivered very fresh.

Samsudeen Sadiq Ali

Excellent Service and all the responses were prompt and professional. Fishes are 100% fresh , natural very healthy and hygienic.completely satisfied.