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Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order
Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order
Cold Chain Transportation of Fish & Fish Products

Cold Chain Transportation of Fish & Fish Products


Fish is a highly perishable, thus if it is transported without the essential cold chain, there is a chance of spoilage of meat. If not handled there are chances of physical damage to the product during transportation, which causes meat deterioration.

If the cold temperature is not maintained there is a high possibility of microbial growth and contamination during delivery to customer.


Why does 0-4°C Play a Vital Role in the Cold Chain Transport of Fish Products at VTF & How do VTF Thermal bags Support it?

Microbe growth increases in fish products as the temperature increases beyond 4°C.  Temperature increase starts the growth of harmful microorganisms, and initiates the enzymatic processes inside the fish and Fish products, causing the product to change from a neutral to an acidic state. Therefore, temperature control is the most effective way to slow down bacterial growth, delay spoilage and maintain Fish Product’s quality. Keeping the product between 0-4˚C retains color, texture, flavor, and freshness. VTF delivers the product to customers by keeping the temperature of 0-4°C till it reaches their doorsteps.

To deliver the product from the VTF’s Bio-Secured Processing Unit to the End Customer at a Controlled Temperature (0-4°C), VTF uses “Insulated Thermal Bags”.  The product is placed inside these Insulated bags (Along with Frozen Gel Pads). This ensures the product temperature is maintained at 0-4°C up to 6Hrs, even if the outside temp is 40°C. Additionally, VTF uses Digital Data Loggers to monitor if the cold chain is maintained at 0to4°C throughout the transportation time. Any deviation is recorded and it helps us to take immediate corrective action in the cold chain.

By taking these Safety measures VTF ensures that the product reaches the end customer in its most Safe, Hygienic & Fresh form with all its nutrients at its best.

This blog was written by Mr. Rohit D - MTech in Food Technology and a Senior Quality Executive at Vridhi Techno Farms Private Limited (VTF).

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