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Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order
Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order

About Us

Vridhi Techno Farms Pvt Ltd (VTF) is a social impact startup based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. VTF is DPIIT registered and assisted by the Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry through the National Fisheries Development Board.


Our purpose is to avoid bio accumulation of harmful chemical residue in the human body by supplying residue-free safe natural food.  


Our mission is to provide safe and natural nutrition-rich food to our customers.
We address the problem of a non-transparent food chain that leads to diseases caused by contaminated natural food.

Contamination is primarily due to two reasons :

  1. Pollution of food from Soil / Water / Air ,
  2. Use of harmful chemicals by profit-driven mindset people in the Food Chain.

Both of these aspects compromise the safety and quality of food consumed by Human being. 
To solve this problem, VTF is building a 100% traceable food chain that tracks and quality checks the food at every step, ensuring its safety and quality.

We focus on fish as a first step, as protein deficiency is a major health issue in urban communities.

Our target audience is health-conscious individuals who understand the importance of Safe, fresh, nutrient-rich food and are willing to invest in quality products. They care about the source of their food and its impact on their health and the environment.
What sets VTF apart is our commitment to sustainability and quality.

We are Coimbatore's First Farmed Fish Online Store, offering high-quality, sustainably farmed fish that is free from harmful chemicals and antibiotics. Our products are produced in a way that protects the environment and supports local communities.
We partner with local businesses, retailers, influencer, and food bloggers to ensure our products are widely available and to spread the word about our mission. Our values revolve around sustainability, quality, and exceptional customer service.
In summary, Vridhi Techno Farms is a 100% traceable food chain company dedicated to providing safe and natural nutrition-rich food. We offer the safest, freshest, and most delicious fish straight from farms, all while protecting the environment. We are committed to meeting the needs of our health-conscious customers and continuously improving our sustainable farming practices.