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Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order
Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order

ரோஹு/ Rohu -Combo (Fry & Curry) -W/O Head-(Net Wt: 500 - 510 gm)

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Net Wt.: 500-510 gms -வெட்டி,கழுவி,சுத்தம் செய்ததற்குப்பின் எடை / Weight after Cut, Clean & Wash.

Pcs in a Pack:     8-12 pcs

Plates served: 3 To 4

Whole Fish Weight: Approx 1.5 Kg - 2.5 Kg

Type of Water in Farming: Fresh Water Fish - Farm Grown

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Product Description:

Farm Grown, Rogu / Rog / Raganndi-Rohu fish are Hygienically processed (Cut, Cleaned, RO washed and vacuum Packed as COMBO at 0-4 °C to avoid decay due to Microbial Reproduction).

 Products are Ready to Cook. Rohu has a strong muscle structure among the carp species. The fish body consists of Y bones apart from the center bones, which makes the fish better for fry rather than curry.

Natural Fresh Lean Protein: 16 %

About Fish

Rohu fish is a popular freshwater fish coming under the Indian major carp category that is widely cultivated and consumed in various regions. It is native to the Indian subcontinent, specifically found in rivers and freshwater bodies.

Muscle Structure

Rohu fish, a robust member of carp fish varieties, boasts strong muscles and unique Y bones, making it ideal for frying rather than curry preparation. Rohu is a nutritious choice for seafood enthusiasts.

Health Benefits

  1. Vitamin C Boost: The high Vitamin C content in rohu fish aids in preventing chronic diseases such as cough, cold, and nausea.
  2. Anti-Ageing Properties: Rohu acts as an anti-aging factor, contributing to healthy and nourished skin. It also serves as a vital shield against sun rays, preventing skin dullness.
  3. Pregnancy-Friendly: Rohu is a recommended choice during pregnancy due to its mercury-free composition. Packed with iron, zinc, protein, magnesium, and various vitamins and minerals, it supports the health of both the mother and the developing fetus.
  4. Eye Health: The presence of Vitamin A in rohu fish contributes to developing eyesight and plays a crucial role in preventing night blindness.

Culinary Delights

Rohu is highly favored for curry and fry preparations, particularly among the people of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

      Best way to Cook: Grill, Deep Fry, Pan Fry, Curry

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