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📞 For Express Delivery Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 OR "Click"
VTF's Traceable Food Chain that provides Extra Grade Nutrient Rich Fish Products?

VTF's Traceable Food Chain that provides Extra Grade Nutrient Rich Fish Products?

Awareness about one’s nutritional needs and consistency in taking nutrient-rich food is the key to good health. VTF aims to spread awareness and help people make informed food choices. VTF aims to create & nurture communities where wellness is supported through natural nutrient farm produce.

The pristine condition of the produce and its nutrition quotient is monitored throughout its lifecycle, right from when the produce is grown at VTF’s bio-secure and eco-friendly farms using the latest water recirculation technology, till its delivery. The product with its nutrients intact will be sustainably harvested, hygienically processed, packed, and delivered in ‘ready to cook’ form.


To ensure premium quality lean protein, we ensure the following:

  1. Healthy strains of fingerlings (baby fishes) are procured from certified hatcheries after desired quality checks & lab reports by VTF.
  2. Fishes are grown in VTF certified bio-secured indoor aquaculture system, thus having good control over feed, water & disease management.
  3. Fishes are fed with high protein rich natural feed.
  4. VTF grows fishes without using any harmful hormones or antibiotics.
  5. Fishes are harvested using humane and hygienic  methods that keeps them clean and stress free, thus preventing secretion of decay causing acids inside their muscles.
  6. Harvested fish is handled seamlessly in a desired cold supply chain with temperature monitored continuously during the process.
  7. Fish is cleaned, cut and packed in VTF’s bio-secured, air-cooled processing unit by qualified & well-trained staff, following stringent hygiene protocols.
  8. Fresh & safe “Premium Lean Protein” is vacuum packed and delivered in an insulated container with temperature monitored till it reaches the door steps of our Health conscious customers.
  9. Quality of the Lean Protein is validated & certified with physical, microbiological & chemical tests from an accredited lab. Every batch of our Lean Protein comes with its quality certification and traceability details.

The subsequent step is to help spread awareness among the customers and make our premium quality lean protein available to everyone. VTF ensures this by:

  1. Nutrient support through natural food delivered at the doorstep in ready-to-cook form.
  2. Tested & certified food for freshness & safe to consume.
  3. A traceable food chain from bio-secured tech farming to delivery at the doorstep.
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