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Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order
Free Delivery for 2 or more (Trace-100) products - 📞 Call 7540077552 / 6379254471 to Order
21g Lean Protein from Farm Fresh Asian Sea Bass

21g Lean Protein from Farm Fresh Asian Sea Bass

Freshness and safety of food produce plays a critical role in ensuring that the nutrient gives the best health benefit to the consumer. VTF validates the safety and freshness of the produce by testing its quality from a reputed lab which is accredited by the national and international boards. VTF provides a copy of the results for each lot along with the produce supplied for its validation of its freshness as well as food safety.

AT VTF-managed bio-secured farms, we grow species that have some of the best health benefits for Human health.  Asian Seabass / Barramundi / Koduva Meen is one such species that is well known for its mild flavour, and white and flaky flesh, which makes it one of the most preferred fish for versatile cooking, While very little is spoken about its nutrient richness and health benefits that it provides.

Rich Taste & Flavour

Asian Sea bass is a white fish that has a mild delicate flavour.  Since they have no bones in them, the fillets are popular. The tasty flesh is moist, buttery, and tender, with medium-sized flakes. Make amazing dishes with its rich taste and flavour.

Fresh & Odourless

Do not worry if you love fish but your home is beginning to smell like the parking lot of a fish market. VTF delivers fresh and odourless fish for a pungency- free kitchen. 

Boneless & Clean

Fishes are grown in VTF certified bio-secured Indoor Aquaculture farms. With good control over feed, water quality & fish health management. Produce is also then washed in RO water. Thus VTF is able to deliver boneless,  ready to cook fish.

Fresh from Farm

Harvested fish is handled seamlessly in a desired cold supply chain with temperature monitored continuously during the process. It’s chilled to optimum temperature but not frozen. Therefore VTF delivers fresh from the farm in less than 24 hours time

Best Lean Protein Source

Fish is one of the best sources of lean protein and it is ideal for all age groups. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals that are very useful for building immunity and support the cure of several ailments. Having tasty Asian sea bass fish, lose weight, build muscles and gain immunity. Win-win-win!

Full Value for Money

There is zero wastage since you consume what you pay for. Whatever the consumer gets is the healthy part of the fish, that’s cleaned, cut, and packed at VTF’s bio-secure and air-cooled processing unit, by well-trained staff, following stringent hygiene protocols.

Timely Home Delivery

No driving, searching & queuing up in fish markets anymore. Our produce is vacuum packed and home delivered in an insulated container with temperature monitored till it reaches your doorsteps.

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